We're REZolved for Reznik

Zev Yaroslavsky

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (former)


Cheryl Tiegs

Environmental advocate and former supermodel


(Titles for identification purposes only)

Arman and Morgan Ariane - Owners of Xerxes for Gents, Susa Boutique, and Persepolis Indulgence

Stephen J. Sass - Chair of the LA County Historical Landmarks and Records Commission

Barbara Siegel - LA County Hospital and Health Care Delivery Commission

Stuart Siegel - Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine (ret.), Keck School of Medicine of USC

Bruce L. Maxwell - Board member (fmr.), LA Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing;

president (fmr.), Beth Chayim Chadashim, first LGBT synagogue in the world

Bruce N. Dennis - Riverside County Board of Education

Felix & Sherry Villanueva



Oran Reznik

Julie Albrecht
Paul Gronseth

Trisha Lowther

Timothy Lowther

Barbara Lengefeld

Chris Lengefeld

Paul Buch

Lisa Buch

Chaim Rinde

Malka Rinde

Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert
Gary Gilbert

Georgeann Spivack
Allison Spivack

Robert Strober

Ava Besbris

Victoria Sancho Lobis

Seth Lobis

Margery Goldman

Jerry Goldman

James Butler
Betty Butler

Sarah Eoff

Shannon Barry-Rivas

Manuel Rivas